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Monday, November 16, 2009

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How to make a graffiti with the Spray Paint?

How to make a graffiti with the Spray Paint
How to make a graffiti with the Spray Paint
How to make a graffiti with the Spray Paint
How to make a graffiti with the Spray Paint
alphabet graffiti
graffiti art

How to make a graffiti with the Spray Paint? Maybe it was a question that you want to know the answer. Previously, I would explain that graffiti is art that had long existed in ancient times. In the process of making fairly simple because it is made in the wall, but in the present era tools used to paint and much more modern. Even the media to paint not only made the wall street but could also in the paper. Spray Paint is a tool used for spray painting graffiti on the era now, many types and colors used. once you know what spray paint then we just started the tutorial making graffiti with spray paint. But first prepare Spray paint with a lot of variation. Follow the instructions below.

1. Study the style of other graffiti artists. Graffiti is predominantly an urban art form but can be found even in rural areas.

2. Write your name with block letters on a wall where no one will mind. Remember graffiti is illegal. Leave space between your letters.

3. Select a style that you want your graffiti to emulate. There are many styles; choose one that comes close to your abilities.

4. Dramatize your letters--outline the letters you drew on the wall in the style you have selected.

5. Establish variations in your lines--make some thick and others thin. This process will help you determine the areas to shade.

6. Control your urge to go crazy with your spray can--most times less is more. Choose one symbol as a signature for your art graffiti.

7. Decide where you want to apply color and shade. Be decisive since your artwork is a representation of who you are.

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