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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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Tutorial on How to Draw Graffiti Art ?

Hello ... we meet again in the column of the tutorial. This time I will be speaking or perhaps explain about how to draw graffiti. No need to long to explain about what is graffiti art, we just started the discussion.
Graffiti Letters,How to Graffiti
Graffiti Letters,How to Graffiti
Graffiti Letters,How to Graffiti
Graffiti Letters,How to Graffiti
Graffiti Letters,How to Graffiti

1. The first step is to prepare the necessary equipment and tools. Then you select the name of graffiti is the most you like and interesting for you. Choose a meaningful letter for you, as an input maybe you can make graffiti with your name. This is important for creating a good style with your name is flow. Style is everything. When picking a name or alias, choose one that is unique—one that will last and represents you as an artist.
2. Carry a sketchbook and pencil with you wherever you go. Practice your craft as much as possible. As you come up with new ideas for tags and designs, sketch them in your book and develop the concept by trying out different variations. If possible, carry pencils of a few different colors. Eventually, you can move to using permanent marker.
3. Work with your cans. Buy a piece of plywood (big or small) from Home Depot to practice on. At this point, colors and styles should be simple. Practice your can control and your techniques for painting and steps for putting together a clean "piece."

Graffiti Letters,How to Graffiti
Graffiti Letters,How to Graffiti
Graffiti Letters,How to Graffiti
Graffiti Letters,How to Graffiti
4. Be Smart. Many cities also have "permission" or "legal" walls specified for graffiti art. Legal graffiti is often more respected than street art. You have unlimited time and freedom to do what you please. Compare legal walls to quick throw-ups found on the street. You will find that legal walls are intricate and aesthetic. Street art is just trying to be seen. Legal graffiti art is more remembered and respected by those who do not completely understand the art form. Also be aware that other writers will expect work of a very high standard, so low standard work on a legal wall can make you look really unskilled, whereas poor standard illegal work can be explained by a variety of factors (cops, owners, losing your footing etc.).
5. Try to meet experienced writers who can help you learn the ropes. (Remember, be safe and be legal. It could put you in jail) Show your appreciation for their work and their skills. And whatever you do, do not paint over a respected artist or good artwork because you will also be called a toy. Have fun doing graffiti all over walls make sure to ask people where you can do graffiti.
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