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Saturday, January 15, 2011

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Graffiti Tags, Art in the Artist's Identity

graffiti tags,tags graffiti
Tag graffiti is a way in which an artist graffiti mark on the work they make, can be regarded as the signature or the identity of the maker. It is very common even done because of this fair will provide information on many people when a wall of graffiti created in the streets. With the public later this will know who the artist who created it. A tag is Often a design That Is Made up of one particular color That usually contains the artist's message to other graffiti writers, it represents Also the nickname of the artist of a perform certain piece of graffiti. Using another writer / artist 's tag is frowned upon as a form of graffiti plagiarism - it is looked at in the Same way as putting your signature to a painting That someone else has painted.

Graffiti tags and graffiti Often pieces are interchangeable. While a tag is a way of recognizing a piece, a piece is Also associated with a particular graffiti artist. Pieces Are Often used by graffiti artists start WHO Their work with an idea or plan, many of these pieces are based on characters, and this work is far more complicated Often Than That much of the work is known as graffiti. Pieces are Becoming very popular and Some graffiti pieces have developed Their own fan base and under these circumstances Also the piece is the same as the artist's tag.
graffiti tags,tags graffiti
graffiti tags,tags graffiti
graffiti tags,tags graffiti
graffiti tags,tags graffiti
graffiti tags,tags graffiti
graffiti tags,tags graffiti
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