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Sunday, November 15, 2009

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How to draw Graffiti with a name "Graffiti NAMES" ?

How to Draw Graffiti Names
alphabet graffiti
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How to Draw Graffiti Names

Graffiti is an art that is interesting and in every corner of the city, the walls of the street. Many graffiti artists create their works by writing his name at the end of the manufacturing process. We can create / write our names in graffiti with some symbols and styles that already exist today. You can create graffiti from the existing alphabet letters A-Z, shapes and alphabet letters create a character that is in accordance with the name and make modifications to make it more interesting shape. Create it with your artistic imagination. Or you can create a new work by taking advantage of existing numbers, such as the number 5 into the letter "S", number 9 into the letter "G", the number 8 into the letter "B" or the other. Try to express yourself. I will explain the steps "How to Draw Graffiti Names" below, you simply follow the instructions I gave. But before preparing the paper and pencil.

1. Look at graffiti in your area. In just about every city, you can find some graffiti. Pay attention to the styles and colors that are used.

2. Grab a sheet of scratch paper and draw your name in relatively large letters that are spread apart a bit more than they would be in normal text. This is because the graffiti design will cause the letters to fill that space later. Use a pencil so you can easily erase anything you need to.

3. Decide which style you are going to use for your graffiti name. Will your letters be different sizes? Do you plan to use bubble letters?

4. Begin sketching the actual graffiti design on your piece of paper. You probably won’t get the results you want the first time. Try altering the thickness of lines or the angle of the letters to add different visual affects to your graffiti name.

5. Complete your sketch by adding any extras you desire, for example small designs within the letters or additional colors.

6. Switch to another piece of paper and make a final draft using your sketch as a guide. Usually, the second one you draw will be a great deal better than the first.
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