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Monday, November 9, 2009

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How to Draw Graffiti Alphabet Design and Black Book Writing Wildstyle?


wildstyle graffiti
wildstyle graffiti
wildstyle graffiti
How to Draw Graffiti Alphabet Design and Black Book Writing Wildstyle?

In a graffiti art that if you know there are some techniques and character designs that are used by a graffiti creator. How did they create these styles? they make and create a Graffiti Graphic Design by experimenting and continue to experiment to find the style and character of the existing graffiti art in themselves. Of course this is done with express itself freely, find out all the ideas and imagination that in mind we are, because imagination is a work or a weapon used by an artist. Without it one can not be described as a creative artist. Here are the various styles of graffiti is often used by graffiti creator:

1.” Wild “Style – the most difficult style and only master’s of graffiti can qualitatively adhere to this style. If you will learn how to do this style it is possible to say that you are on the top of the art of graffiti.
To learn how to do this style means to learn how to build correctly a line of letters and to be able to combine correctly the colors used in an inscription.

3. “Blockbuster” style is always using the big and wide letters of the alphabet executed frequently in a three-dimensional view. In this style internally the space of letters is painted over not by a spray, but the platen. For this purpose to draw in this style better with the whole command as its process more labor-consuming frequently works and demands a lot of time.

2. The “Throw up” style – is the easiest, most popular and the most liked style of graffiti for many people. Basically, all inscriptions in public places are executed in this style. This is the style which allows drawing inscriptions for a very short time.
In this case the quantity is more important than quality for this style of graffiti. Lines of letters are curved enough and filled with color, more often white. In this style work as legal masters and not legal. Legal masters of graffiti are called writers.

4. Computer Rock Style. This is a very unusual style, difficult for perception. This style divides letters of the alphabet by pieces. It is also difficult to understand at first sight what the letter is. Moreover all pieces of the letter are drawn inclined in the different sides that strengthen effect of perception even more difficult.

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