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Saturday, November 14, 2009

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How exactly do I write in graffiti?

How exactly do I write in graffiti
How exactly do I write in graffiti
How exactly do I write in graffiti
How exactly do I write in graffiti

How exactly do I write in graffiti?

Many people ask "How exactly do I write in graffiti?" Most works of art created and painted graffiti on the walls (Murals), especially in the street on which many people gather and play. But really to be able to write a graffiti can be done anywhere and with any stationery such as pencil, not necessarily with spray paint. Usually a graffiti artist / graffiti creator before making graffiti on the walls (Murals), they first create an example design / design in a paper. Results Graffiti Graphic Design which will be their images on the wall street. So in fact to be able to paint or create graffiti can be done anywhere and with stationery / image whatever. Because of the much-needed a real graffiti artist is an idea with a great imagination, unique and beautiful. Art is beauty and uniqueness, because it is the unique difference that became a hallmark of the graffiti artists themselves. Explanation of the steps below is the way how to write in graffiti.

Things You'll Need:
Trace Paper
Photo Copier

1.Choose a word to write in graffiti. Many graffiti artists use their name or pseudonym.

2.Choose a graffiti style. There are dozens of unique styles for writing in graffiti. You might consider becoming familiar with different styles by taking note of professional pieces of graffiti in your city or online. One of the most popular graffiti styles for beginners is bubble letters.

3.Once you have found your graffiti style of choice, keep an example of it on hand for reference. Put your pencil to paper and make light strokes to mimic the style of your example. Erase and rewrite as necessary until you are satisfied with your pencil drawing.

4.Add details such as shading or graphics. Use your creativity. Keep it relatively simple until you grow comfortable writing more complex graffiti.

5.Use trace paper or a photo copier to make a copy of your completed pencil drawing. This will make it easy to start over in case you make a mistake in the next step.

6.Use a marker or pen to darken the pencil marks. Make them permanent. Use colored markers or crayons to fill in your letters and compete your graffiti writing.

7.Keep practicing and experimenting with graffiti to develop a unique style you can call your own.

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