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Sunday, November 22, 2009

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Graffiti Tutorial about "How to Write Graffiti Letters?"

graffiti letters
"How to Write Graffiti Letters?"

Graffiti art of many kinds, ranging from graffiti alphabet, graffiti letters, graffiti Murals, Wildstyle graffiti even to the kind of hip hop music, so given the name hip hop graffiti. The greatness of graffiti art you can also see from Chris Brown album titled "graffiti", how a graffiti art can provide an inspired idea to create a new art different from the graffiti itself. When we talk about the news, it's time we return to the subject matter of "How to Write Graffiti Letters?"
Actually, if we know or can make use of something with a bit of ideas and changes we can make something unique and different. One is a letter with graffiti. To be able to make the letter we must first recognize the types and styles of graffiti, for example, the designs of graffiti letters from A - Z. You can see some examples of design graffiti alphabet / letter and the various styles of graffiti. Immediately, I will give instructions for how to write graffiti letters. But before you set up equipment such as Drawing Paper, Pen, Tracing paper, Pencil, Markers. Let's follow the instructions below .....

1. Choosing words to write in graffiti letters. Perhaps using your nickname. Writing these words in your normal style with a thick marker pen on a sheet of paper. Do not be ashamed; use a large sheet of paper and make a capital letter.

2. Outline your letter with a thick marker. You do not trace the old lines; you describe the original stroke your bookmarks.

3. Repeat this process until you cite a letter touching each other or overlap.

4. Place a sheet of tracing paper over what you have done. Lightweight only traced the outlines of your letters with a pencil.

5. Transfer to a paper tracing fresh.

6. Round the corner of the letter you described. Go on line with a pen or marker. Fill in the form of an outline of the letters with colors.

7. Many balloon graffitists began with style and moved into other styles as they gain skills and confidence.

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