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Saturday, August 14, 2010

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How to Draw Graffiti Art ?

graffiti alphabet,graffiti alphabet letters

Graffiti is a painting that was very interesting and well liked by the people But most people find it difficult to make. Although usually associated with vandalism but still Learning how to draw graffiti is an artistic skill that is actually quite desirable. If you want to draw graffiti the right without violating a rule to eat follow these steps. Here I will explain, so watch carefully. If you have a notebook and want to make it look cool to eat I'll explain how to make it.

graffiti letters,graffiti alphabet
graffiti letters,graffiti alphabet
graffiti letters,graffiti alphabet
1. Write your name or other words you like using a pencil.
2. Take out the soul of art and creativity in yourself with Start experimenting with different shapes and sizes of the letters, using round and sharp corners.
3. If the form of words or letters that you have formed with good design and suitable to your liking then the next step is make the edges stand out by making the lines thicker, and use varying sizes. Use thick lines on one side of the letters and thin ones on the other side to give it a 3D look.
4. You can add some effects or other characters in your design that reflects the personality of your artistic soul, it's free and use your imagination in the most.
5. When you are satisfied with your graffiti, make the image permanent by using a heavy black marker to outline the edges. Color the rest in with marker or colored pencil.

graffiti alphabet,graffiti alphabet letters
graffiti alphabet,graffiti alphabet letters
graffiti alphabet,graffiti alphabet letters
graffiti alphabet,graffiti alphabet letters
The first step in making graffiti is to have an idea and imagination, if you liked the card or cards will often make it much easier to create our own graffiti. Learn the art of graffiti should know the basics that must be done, and it is mandatory.

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