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Saturday, October 24, 2009

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How does the process of making 3D Graffiti Art?

Graffiti many species ranging from abstract, Wildstyle, bubble, letters, alphabet, Murals, fonts and 3-D. Perhaps many people want to know "how to 3D graffiti making a good and beautiful ", especially for those who still do not have experience or be called amateurs. For that in this post I want to give a little explanation of the stages of how to make 3-D graffiti is good so that later steps This will help you in the process of manufacture.

graffiti alphabet

graffiti letters

graffiti letters,graffiti letter a

graffiti alphabet

3d graffiti art

graffiti sketches
1. The first thing you should do is to sketch a picture in a paper.
2. Then you are looking for an empty wall and you paint a white base color that can be integrated in pilox on the wall.
3. Then prepare sketches of 3-D graffiti you've made.
4. Pilox prepared by various kinds of colors.
5. If you are a beginner and doubtful you'd better hold pilox sketched on the wall using a pencil first, but if you are already a professional simply use pilox, but you should not use black pilox first.
6. Do not forget before you make a sketch on the wall you should prepare MAL. What is MAL? The mall is a tool used for a ruler on the wall, Mai made of paper / cardboard / plywood / paper. How to make MAL is prepared cardboard and cut into two parts and hold you fold straight. And the straight edges that will be used as a ruler on the wall.
7. After MAL ready and you have made a sketch on the wall and then you start coloring your sketches made in the wall. In order for 3-D graffiti arise, you must prepare a suitable color for the shape. For example a case of a combination of light green color and then in the shadow must be pretty dark green color in order to produce unified.
8. Then paint on the graffiti is to make it look neat and beautiful, should use the MAL you created earlier.
9. After that the graffiti was neat and perfect then you give live black and white blur on the shadown.
10. Then you will produce graffiti with a 3-D shapes.

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