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Friday, October 23, 2009

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How to a Graffiti Creator make Good Graffiti Graphic Design?


graffiti alphabet"Brane GIBES" Murals Graffiti Graphic Design Art

graffiti art3D Murals Graffiti Art

graffiti letters3D Arrow Graffiti Spray Art

How to a Graffiti Creator make Good Graffiti Graphic Design?

How do a graffiti creator make a graffiti graphic design, good and beautiful? After sketching is done doing it's time we find the spot to make a graffiti wall. But earlier, it is advisable to try first with the "spray can" before you scribble directly. The first should be considered in paint incised with "spray can" is the spray angle. There are many angles we can make and the results would be different. Kinda hard to explain one by one because the slope of the "spray can" be changed to some degree, the spray can change, especially the shape and spray area. Try to play with this angle and you will know what he meant.

Distance "spray can" with the wall is also very influential. From a short distance, we can get a thin line and firm. From a distance, which produced a gradient shading paint with a broad area. Once again, this is also better trained to get the feel of how you have to take a distance to get the line you want.

The first technique, try to make the outline. We must be careful not to paint pooled in one spot (dripping), while ensuring "spray can" remain in the same distance as long as we draw a line, if not, the line will look uneven. One trick is to not make the line more than 1 meter in one go. Stop spraying when the line was long a meter, and then continue again with the new spray. So if anything goes wrong, will not damage the whole.

What if something goes wrong? This is cutting techniques are used. When the new paint sprayed on the part which we have made earlier, then spray the accident we can eliminate. The trick is repainted one by one color for the color ranging from dark to light. This cutting process needs to repeated and should be done with care and patience.
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