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Thursday, November 18, 2010

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HIP HOP Graffiti Street Art - Rap Graffiti Music

Hip Hop Graffiti,Rap, Rap Graffiti

Music with graffiti is a great unity despite having different backgrounds. Mainly hip hop (rap) has become an important part in graffiti art during this. And 4 elements in hip hop music that is:

Hip Hop Graffiti,Rap, Rap Graffiti
1. Graffiti
Hip-Hop culture warmly accepted Graffiti. Graffiti is mostly drawn or written illegally on public property. Its artists' purposes are usually for artistic expression, the marking of gang territories, and public protest. For example before the Gulf War, the mayor of Paris called on Graffiti artists to draw on a certain wall, protesting the war in Iraq.

Hip Hop Graffiti,Rap, Rap Graffiti
2. Rap (MC'ing)
Rap is spoken over the accompaniment of "mixed" music. In Hip-Hop there are different kinds of rap; political rap, rap accompanied by jazz, alternative rap and more. The most popular style of rapping is the "gangster rap", describing the close proximity between rappers and the criminal lifestyle.

Hip Hop Graffiti,Rap, Rap Graffiti
3. The DJ
Unlike electronic music, he/she creates their own music live, by mixing records, scratching, and improvising.

Hip Hop Graffiti,Rap, Rap Graffiti
4. Break Dance
Break-dancing is a sort of acrobatic dance, significant to the foundation of Hip-Hop. The character of the dance is sharp and short movements combined with flowing and wave-like motion, along with difficult floor acrobatics structured on balance techniques, and spinning on body parts such as the head, shoulders, stomach etc. A famous element of the break-dance is the "moonwalk" one of Michael Jackson signature moves. Break-dance music is electronic combined with "scratching". This style was most popular during the 80's, when one would find break-dancers at street corners and city-squares.

Hip Hop Graffiti,Rap, Rap Graffiti
5. Beat-Boxing
Besides the 4 elements of hip hop, Beat-Boxing is viewed by many people as the 5 th element of Hip-Hop. Beat-Boxing is the art-form of making beats and music with the mouth. The term Beat-Box is taken from the name of the first drum machines. Its founders are Dog E Fresh and Buffy and Biz Marqi. Beat-Boxing was extremely popular in the 80's but lost its identity in the 90's, and is slowly returning now to the ring.

Hip Hop Graffiti,Rap, Rap Graffiti
Hip Hop Graffiti,Rap, Rap Graffiti
Hip Hop Graffiti,Rap, Rap Graffiti
HIP HOP Graffiti Street Art - Rap Graffiti Music

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