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Saturday, December 5, 2009

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Wildstyle Graffiti and semi-Wildstyle Graffiti


wildstyle graffiti,graffiti letters

wildstyle graffiti,alphabet graffiti

wildstyle graffiti,graffiti art

wildstyle graffiti-graffiti alphabet

We all know that graffiti art that has many types and styles. One that is often used as a Graffiti Graphic Design by graffiti artists is Wildstyle. Wildstyle style there are two types of semi-Wildstyle and Wildstyle. What really distinguishes these 2 styles. I'll explain, you try to understand carefully so that later you can understand.

Wildstyle - Traditionally, interlocking letters, usually unreadable by an untrained eye. In some cases any unreadable lettering style that's well constructed. Be it 3D, liquid, bubble morphed, panels (flat). Very colorful, well executed, may have a character. Has other characteristics such as shadows, 3D, highlights, etc. Wildstyle is just that, wild. Wildstyle takes time to develop like the others. You do not just jump into paintings in this format. Will not work ... And if you do, you probably "bits" someone along the way. If you are a aspiring Graff heads, contact folks and practice, practice, practice.

Semi-Wildstyle - This style is where a lot of pieces fall into. Its plain enough to read but the lettering is morphed significantly enough to keep you guessing. It involves a lot to a little color, the letters "dance" or flow, there's a lot of accessories to the letters.

But really you can create a new form by creating effects or a combination of effects, colors that will be creating a new design of the pieces of a picture which will be incorporated.

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