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Friday, August 21, 2009

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Osh Tribal Graffiti Mural Alphabet - Yellow Blue Black.

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Osh Tribal Graffiti Mural Alphabet - Yellow Blue Black

Tribal Graffiti Murals dominated by black. A color covered by the atmosphere and aura Horror darkness. But in the art of graffiti does not have the relationship between things like that. But the main concern is there and how some of the colors to match the look and atmosphere around the design. Speaking of color ....
According to me, what is the graffiti has been good. Where is the blend color with different characters can provide mutual benefits to cover the shortfall in the color is. Black color will look more bright and interesting with the help of a yellow bright berkarakter, as well as vice versa. Design for me is the good and the color match will be good but when added with the 3D effect and color games.

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